For the Mildly Introverted

Hello, my name is Kimberly. I have never been really good at making friends and feeling comfortable with my standing in large groups of people. My blog will be about the lessons I have learned throughout the years about making friends and learning how to interact with new people. It will also have some tips that I wish someone would have told me whenever I was struggling with the friendships I was in. I plan for it to be a helpful blog for people who are not as outgoing as others and for it to teach them how to interact with others.


This is me (lower left) and my dearest friends; Chris (top left), Jackie (middle front), Valerie (top right), Raul (lower right).

The name of my blog is “For the Mildly Introverted” because I consider myself an introverted person. I also decided to make the blog about friendships and introverted people because I have noticed that there are many blogs for different types people and relationships, but not nearly as many as those for different types of people and friendships. I think that can provide a new source for people who may not be as comfortable at making friends as others may be. I hope to help other people learn how to become a good friend and how to make good friends. I also would like to learn some new friend-making strategies along the way.

While posting on this blog I also hope to improve my doodling skills by drawing out different scenarios from each of my lessons and tips. I hope that I can improve my drawing skills and become a little familiar with the queeky drawing program, and possibly create my own little comic series that goes along with my blog.

blog ex jpg

 This is an example of the characters I hope to improve while writing my blog.


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