The friend who can tell you the truth

It may be difficult to realize at first, but you’ll know when you’re having a hard day. When you’re really down and you need someone to lift you up, you think of them first. You call them, and expect a nice talk about how you’ll make it through your life issues but instead you are greeted with a conversation completely different.

Drawn by Kimberly, using Deviant Art/ Muro

So on the phone, you begin your rant. At the end instead of a comforting you, you’re hit with by a wall of reality. A true friend can tell you what they really think without any hesitation. Of course, this advice that’s given to you is not given with an intention of harm, it’s given with the intention that you are going to see the truth and that you will be able to rise from whatever situation you may be going through.

After that first talk with my friend, I knew that they were worth keeping throughout my life because they had the quality of being able to tell me the truth. They were comfortable enough to tell me what they really thought. I think that its important for everyone to have a friend that is there for you when you need a reality check. If they have bad intentions when you ask them for advice then maybe you should just move on to better people. If you are struggling to understand whether or not your friend is the correct type of honest, you can read this article.


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