Expert Advice

When I was thinking about what I would write about for my blog, I asked almost all of the people I trusted most. They each came with their different ideas, but I didn’t feel that any of the topics were really for me. So I began reflecting, what have I search and found almost no help on? Advice on friendships. All too often I would find myself staring at pages and pages of advice on relationships.

Drawn by Kimberly using Deviant Art/ Muro
Drawn by Kimberly using Deviant Art/ Muro

The friendship blog is a great resource to use whenever you want some advice on friendships. It helps at any point of a friendship. From the beginning to the end of a friendship the friendship blog can always give some helpful advice. Another thing that I liked about this blog was their forms.

The Friendship Blog website
The Friendship Blog website

I enjoyed seeing that people were able to ask the editor questions about any situation they were given I also liked that their community would help each other. They are also very specific on which posts for different situations are located within the blog. I was happy to see that there was a well-developed site for people who may be having trouble in their friendship. So be sure to visit their website here!


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