You’ve got a friend in me

This next friend is a little harder to distinguish from the others. They can be misleading, because you may go through periods were you’re not quite sure if they are with you or against you. By that I mean that you might feel that they don’t ever agree with you or, they simply look to start an argument with you. The sign that they are a true friend is when you are having a bad day.

Drawn by Kimberly, using DeviantArt Muro
Drawn by Kimberly, using DeviantArt Muro

You do not have to say a single word in order for them to understand if you’ve had a bad day. They will only try to make you feel better. The best part about this friend is that they will never suffocate you with questions. If you tell them that you would rather be alone, they disappear! If you tell them that you need to talk to them and you might need some advice, they’ll be there. No matter the scenario, they’re there. Please remember in every other situation when you are perfectly fine, this friend will be rather difficult. I like to compare this friendship to that of Woody and Buzz Lightyear.

Screen still from Disney's Toy Story (1995)
Screen still from Disney’s Toy Story (1995)

At first meeting, they did not quite see eye to eye. As their friendship continued they each learned to accept each other’s opinions. Similarly, you may not always see eye to eye, you both know that you’re are there for each other. You can count on the other when you might be down. Finally you know that this friendship is very flexible because you have an understanding of each other’s relationship. Another representation of this type of friendship is this Buzzfeed video about meeting your sarcastic soulmate.


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