Problems You Didn’t Know You Had

This year was the first year that I heard a lot about mental health awareness. On the discover page Buzzfeed has their own page and the first week of December, they were helping raise awareness for mental health. Anyone who knows me is aware of my obsession with Buzzfeed. From life hacks series to IRL series of videos, I watch them all.

post 9
Drawing by Kimberly using 

I was watching a few videos here or there but none of them caught my attention like the video about their Try Guys going to therapy. I love watching all of the adventures that they take on together and all the events they experience. Here’s the video!

I really liked seeing how they each had their own concerns. Seeing Eugene realize that some of the other guys felt about the way he acts sometimes. I always thought that therapy was for people who had problems, but after watching this video I realized that it can be for anyone because going to therapy can reveal some problems you never knew existed.


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