Packages wrapped with string…

You suddenly start wondering where this person is. You may not know how but you and this new friend seem to just get along. During your free time you start to hang out with this person. You both learn a little bit about each other, and sooner rather than later you feel like you’ve found someone really special. This type of friend is a lucky find because you know you can cry together and laugh together. You realize no one can make you feel so free. This friend can help all of your problems fade in an instant.

Drawn by Kimberly, using Deviant Art/ Muro
Drawn by Kimberly, using Deviant Art/ Muro

This particular friend might sound similar to the others and that’s aright because in a way they are. This friend has every quality you could possibly want in a friend. They are a bundle of good things wrapped in a package. This friend is such a gem to have because it’s not very often that you can find a friend that has so many good qualities. This friend is always there in any situation no matter how long its been since you’ve last seen each other, they are always there to pick you up and set you on the track to success.

This friend is an all-inclusive package. They know exactly what to say whenever you’re feeling down whether they know what you might or might not be going through. They might tag you in picture that will bring a smile to your face or simply help you hold your head up a little higher. Either way, this friend knows what to say whenever you need someone there. In order to learn if you have a well-rounded friend or if you are a well-rounded person click here.